Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Laoag gov't eyes transfer of jail, slaughterhouse

The Laoag dumpsite, the planned relocation site for the Laoag jail compound. (File photo)

By Dominic Dela Cruz

Laoag City—The city government here expects to relocate the Laoag City Jail and the city slaughterhouse in two separate locations soon.

Laoag mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas disclosed that they plan to transfer the city jail to where the city’s current dumpsite stands. The Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) earlier ordered the closure of the said dumpsite.

Ms. Fariñas explained that the area is wide for city jail and it will also suit the jail’s livelihood programs as well as their training and other activities.

She added that the planned relocation site will also make it easier for the jail to expand.

Tapnu ma achieve diay naka isolate da, nalawa tay area, makapagmula da ken makaaramid da dagitay products da ket iday dati a site iti landfill which is the only lot a mabalin tayo nga i-offer a tumotop kadagidiay requirements da,” the mayor said.

The Ilocos Times learned that J/Sr. Insp. Herminigildo Rivera earlier requested the relocation citing congestion as main reason.

With this proposal, Mr. Rivera said they will need to study the location regarding security and land stability. He explained that they need to be sure that they can build over the land without encountering problems.

“Considering a dati a landfill ket baka nalukneng diay daga,” he pointed out.

He added that it will be the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) which will shoulder the construction of buildings should the relocation pushes through. The lot will serve as the Laoag government’s counterpart for the project.

Currently, the Laoag jail covers only 1,000 square meters and with the trend of increasing detainees, it needs more space to expand.

As of last count, the jail houses 250 detainees in 8 cells.

Adda pay umabot a nasurok a 50 a balud iti maysa a selda agdepende diay kadakkel na. Ket dagitay dadduman a ket agidda da payen iti datar ta awan met umanay a pagiddaan da. Al-alisto pay iti panaggi-innakar da iti sakit no kastoy iti kina-congested da,” Mr. Rivera divulged.  

Prior to this, city assessor Ruben Domingo offered sites at Brgys. Cabungaan and Camangaan as possible relocation site for the jail and slaughterhouse, respectively.

Ms. Fariñas, however, shot down the Cabungaan proposal. She reasoned that the retirement home and Bahay Pagasa projects are there.

The slaughterhouse relocation site, on the other hand, currently houses the city agriculture office; a 1-hectare lot, however, remains vacant in the area.

The mayor agreed with the slaughterhouse relocation proposal.

Mr. Domingo stated that the city government “wishes to have a better and a wider area for a slaughterhouse” to meet the “Triple A” qualification.

He revealed that the slaughterhouse’s current location, which is at Brgy. 1 beside a cemetery, does not suit the qualification from the National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS).

The NMIS is a specialized regulatory agency in the Department of Agriculture in the country as sole national controlling authority on all matters pertaining to meat inspection and hygiene.

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