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School homecomings and reunions: Are they still socially-relevant?

THE FIRST four months of any given year in the Philippines can be safely and generally labeled as high school homecoming and reunion season.   For us, overseas residents, it has become common news to hear about family, friends and acquaintances excitedly planning on a trip to the old country to attend and participate in this yearly exercise. There must be something enigmatic about high school, this phase of anyone’s educational journey that makes it better remembered, cherished and celebrated with so much fondness and nostalgia.   But I’d rather not venture into any kind of speculation about this now.   Are homecomings, jubilee celebrations and reunions relevant?  Given today’s societal atmosphere, do they still occupy a space in the social value hierarchy?  Or, have they become so securely entrenched in our customs and traditions that being so, their relevance and worth should be better left unchallenged? To partly answer the question, I am privileged to feature in this column tw

DOST recognizes student-achievers in int’l science, math tilts

By Raquel M. Espiritu DOST 1 The Department of Science and Technology, through the Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI), has institutionalized a recognition system for youth achievers in international science and mathematics competitions that have been duly registered with SEI-DOST by national organizers . The Youth Excellence in Science (YES) Awards is being implemented yearly to further motivate and inspire the youth to strive for excellence in the fields of science and mathematics.  The medals of distinction are conferred by the DOST Secretary or the DOST Regional Director to young Filipino students who are able to win gold, silver and bronze medals in the DOST-SEI recognized international science and math competitions. Region 1 has a total of 33 students who topped in international science and mathematics competitions in CY 2014.  These students came from 12 leading secondary educational institutions in the region.  To celebrate the remarkable feat of the regi