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The Ilocos Times Oct. 28-Nov 3, 2013

‘Naimas nga agserbi’

Near midnight of October 28, my Uncle Gerry in Hawaii posted a lengthy note at the Labayog Clan Facebook page. There was good news for the clan. (For the curious, yes, Labayog is the La in La Yumul.) My brother was elected as chairman of Barangay 7-A, Laoag City where his family has lived for around 25 years. I reside in nearby Barangay 5. The following is Uncle Gerry’s post quoted verbatim. “Wow! Again, the Labayog Clan made history. Herry Labayog Yumul is elected as kapitan . “If you are a Laoagueño, West Riverside is like a municipality within a city. It covers Barangays 1 to 10. Barangay 7-A is like its capital, being the center of the densely populated West Riverside. “Herry, who has the heart of a leader, deserves the position. When I attended his graduation in Baguio City, I already saw in him the makings of a leader. When his name was called, there was a thunderous applause and standing ovation. He even captured the heart of the most beautiful co-civil engineeri

When the smoke settles down

WITH THE casting and counting of votes over and done with, we now welcome our new—and reelected—sets of barangay officials. Though allegations of vote-buying and voter terrorizing campaigns have surfaced during the short campaign period for the barangay elections, the October 28 polls turned out relatively calm and peaceful. It is, however, sad to note that even the most basic of political units in this country is no longer immune from tactics used in local and national elections. It does not help that most of the candidates for the barangay elections have been backed by politicians of all stripes and colors as this only pushed erstwhile simple folks to go the way of the very serious politicians. One thing that remained constant during the length of filing of COCs and campaign was the simple fact that the battle for 2016 began with the barangay elections. And whether or not the newly elected barangay officials would work for the good of their neighbors and villages in genera

Goodbye mayor

HE MAY HAVE been seen by the generation of today as loose cannon, a nuisance candidate whose main purpose during elections is to make us laugh. But before all these, former Laoag City Mayor Cesar A. Ventura was a purpose-driven, results-oriented local chief executive. It was during his first and only term as mayor in 1992 that he foresaw the potentials of building a road leading to Laoag’s sand dunes at Barangay La Paz. Once built, it was unofficially named after him. And it is this very road today that has given life to the tourism industry not only in the city but also of the province. Ventura may have been a lot of things, but he was a gentleman of the first order and a public official worth emulating. Unfortunately for him—and for the city—he lost when he ran for reelection in 1995. And as much as this practically ended his political career, his contributions to the city’s progress then and now can—and should—still be felt. And as we bade farewell to the man, we hope


Sa panahon natin, ang mga tinatawag na “may K” ay mga taong may “karapatan.” May karapatan sa kanilang mga hangarin. May karapatan sa kanilang mga ambisyon. May karapatan sa kanilang mga propesyon.  At may karapatan sa kanilang mga posisyon. Kaya’t kung tinawag kang “may K”, isa itong positibong pagtingin sa iyong kakayahan, dignidad at maging sa buo mong pagkatao. Isa kang taong dapat pamarisan ng iyong kapwa at dapat bigyan ng karampatang respeto. Pero kung ika’y tinawag na “walang K”, isa itong malaking insultong inihampas sa’yong mukha. Itinuturing kang walang karapatan sa mga tangan mong hangarin, ambisyon, katayuan, propesyon at posisyon. Tila ba ipinagsisigawang wala kang kakwenta-kwentang nilalang na hindi karapat-dapat bigyan ng anumang paggalang.  ‘Yan ang dalawang klase ng tao sa pananaw ng tao—ang mga “may K” at mga “walang K” Subalit, kabaligtaran ito sa pananaw ng Ancient Rome , lalo na noong kasikatan ni Marcus Tullius Cicero. Noon, kung ti

Showcase of Ilocano researchers’ pride at Teatro Ilocandia

Dr. Miriam E. Pascua, president of the MMSU leads the opening of the exhibit during the 25th Regional Symposium on R&D Highlights on Oct. 23 held at Teatro Ilocandia. Also in photo: Dr. Stanley Malab, retired ILARRDEC Consortium Director, Dr. Arthur Arganoza of PCARRD, Interim Consortium Director Leonardo Pascua of ILARRDEC, Wilma Ibea of DA, Dr. Prima Fe Franco, Vice President for research, extension and linkages of MMSU, and Dr. Arturo Sadumiano of DA. (Lei Adriano) By Leilanie G. Adriano Staff Reporter Batac City —Over the years, this   pinakbet   capital of Ilocos Norte continue to produce outstanding farmers known for producing high-value commercial crops like fruits and vegetables including quality and high-yielding varieties of rice, corn, garlic and union among others. All these come with value-added processed food products and other product lines sold here and abroad.   These were made possible as researchers continue to develop technologies and innovations,

Fraudoriski and four lawyers

An alien whom we shall call “Fraudoriski” was petitioned by his mother, a lawful permanent resident of the United States, as a single person, although he was married with two children. The petition was approved and he was admitted to the U.S. He wants to petition his wife and children. Lawyer # 1 Fraudoriski went to Lawyer # 1 and asked what he should do. “Do nothing,” advised the lawyer. But I want to be reunited with my wife and children, he insisted. Lawyer # 1 said that if he petitioned his wife, his fraud would be discovered by USCIS because his marriage contract that he would submit to establish marital relationship would show that he was married before he was admitted to the U.S. In the unlikely event that USCIS is sleeping and misses that fact and approves the visa petition, U.S. Embassy is not likely to miss it, since they would be checking the National Statistics Office (NSO) on his civil status, and they would discover that his marriage occurred before he w

MMSU launches new website

By Reynaldo E. Andres Contributor Batac CITY—It’s the beautiful façade of the Administration Building fronting the sprawling garden with twin fountains that greets online visitors as they begin to surf the new and improved website of the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU), the center of excellence in higher learning and scientific research in Region 1. In a few seconds, the page starts a slide show that presents the programs and projects of the university in instruction, research, extension, and production. These programs, which can be seen in detail in the website, translate the core values of MMSU – excellence, effectiveness, and growth. These, and among other features, were shown to those who attended the launching of the newly improved website of MMSU held at the University Library on October 18. The new website can be accessed at . MMSU President Miriam E. Pascua said the university is compelled to improve its website so that “we co

RCF withdraws poll protest vs CVF

By Dominic B. dela Cruz Staff Reporter FORMER Laoag City Mayor Roger C. Fariñas has withdrawn his election protest against incumbent Laoag Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas. On October 9, 2013, Atty. Arthur Villaluz, Fariñas’ legal counsel filed a Manifestation and Motion informing the Honorable Commission that the protestant has decided not to pursue his protest anymore and withdraws the protest against Chevylle V. Fariñas. The motion stated that “He [Fariñas] believes he has realized his purpose of uncovering the fraudulent manipulations that were perpetrated during the May 13, election for the office of the mayor of Laoag City to frustrate the will of the voters and ensure the victory of the protestee”.     It added: “The protestant is grateful for the opportunity accorded him by this Honorable Commission to lawfully ascertain the truth”. Reacting to this, Ms. Fariñas said she considers this as good news for the people of Laoag, especially those who supported her i

SN is PH’s most business-friendly LGU anew

MOST BIZ-FRIENDLY LGU AGAIN. San Nicolas Mayor Melanie Grace Valdez and Vice Mayor Alfredo P. Valdez Jr. receive a plaque and certification from PCCI officials for being the Most Business Friendly-LGU municipal level at the Manila Hotel on October 24, 2013. This is the second most business-friendly award for the first class municipality. ( Doms dela Cruz ) By Dominic B. dela Cruz Staff Reporter MANILA—Proving that its earlier recognition as the most business friendly municipality in the country was no fluke, the San Nicolas municipal government again stamped its class as it was again adjudged as the most business friendly local government unit for 2013. The award was given to San Nicolas official during the 39 th Philippine Business Conference and Expo held October 24, 2013 at the Manila Hotel. The award is the second for the local government unit under the Municipal Category Level I. San Nicolas Mayor Melanie Grace Valdez and Vice Mayor Alfredo P. Valdez Jr. person

PCCI to discuss People’s Initiative issue in annual meeting

THE PHILIPPINE  Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the country’s largest business organization, said   that its network of member-chambers nationwide will join consultations to support or n ot a proposed law through People's Initiative to abolish the pork barrel system. “The signal for the PCCI chambers to mobilize is when the Supreme Court declares that the power of Congress to create pork barrel fund is constitutional,” said PCCI president Miguel B. Varela in a statement. “Our chambers will then convene voters to discuss whether or not they will sign a People’s initiative to abolish the congressional Priority Development Assistance Fund or the Development Assistance Fund or any other discretionary funds.” “The nationwide chapters of PCCI, as members of development councils, are among the leading influencers in their communities,” said Varela. “Businessmen, as the largest taxpayers, have a right to express their opinion on how their taxes are spent.” The People’


“Allah means  God—unless you’re a Christian in Malaysia,” read Time magazine’s headline. Or Sikh, Hindu or atheist for that matter. A new Kuala Lumpur court decision stipulates only Muslims can invoke the name of “Allah”. And that triggered concern beyond Association of Southeast Asian Nation countries. Four years back, KL courts ruled that the term “Allah” transcended different faiths. Why then the flip-flop? “Islam (is) vulnerable e to conversion efforts by other faiths,” the decision asserts.  Anyway, Allah was "not an integral Christianity". No?  Herald  editor, Fr. Lawrence Andrew, said he’ll appeal. Non-Muslim Malaysians reacted with anger. “Appalling,” snapped Jagir Singh who heads the Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism. “Bahasa Malaysia–speaking Christians used “Allah” even before formation of Malaysia,” recalled Rev. Eu Hong Seng, Sabah and Sarawak churches, where Christians are a majority, protested.

Samtoy Books brings first Origami fest in Ilocos Norte

By Grazielle Mae A. Sales PGIN-CMO Cartoon characters, miniature animals and 3D skeletal dinosaurs are among the attractions in the first ever major event in Ilocos Norte dedicated to highlight the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. The Origami Festival, hosted by the Ilocano bookstore, Samtoy Books, and which ran from October 17 to 19 here in Laoag City tapped artists all the way from the Manila-based Origami Pilipinas and is now set to showcase both the traditional and functional form of paper art. The workshops at La Tabacalera Lifestyle Center ranged from beginning models for the origami novice, to advanced models that aim to enhance the skills of even experienced ‘folders’. Featured is a variety of different folds for people of all experience levels including animals, geometric forms and moveable origami. Several origami installations which show the innovation of the art are as well exhibited at the Ilocos Norte Capitol auditorium. Origami Pilipinas w

Ilocanos want revival of IN, Hawaii sisterhood ties

By Leilanie G. Adriano Staff Reporter ILOCANOS living in Ilocos Norte and the Aloha state of Hawaii are eyeing the revival of sisterhood ties between the two to further boost cooperation, this time, in the field of agriculture and education among others. In 2002, the administration of then Ilocos Norte Governor now Senator Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle forged a sisterhood agreement  between Ilocos Norte and Hawaii resulting in better health care exchanges, making Filipino nurses most preferred in Hawaii. To keep up with the 2.7 percent unemployment rate, Hawaii kept on hiring health care professionals as about 40,000 new jobs were created under Lingle’s administration.   Through the Mariano Marcos State University in Batac City and the University of Hawaii, serving as focal points, both committed in the exchange of learning scheme between and among qualified faculty and students in Ilocos Norte and Hawaii. This way, the nursing f

Senators formally give up 2013 PDAF; pass resolution urging PNoy to augment calamity fund

In an effort to help victims of calamity-stricken areas, the Senate has decided to abandon the remaining Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) allotted to senators for 2013. On October 22, the Senate passed a resolution which urges the President to use the savings which will be created by the senators’ abandonment of their PDAF allocation to augment the calamity fund in order for the government to respond effectively to the needs of the victims of various calamities that hit the country recently. “We adopted Senate Resolution No. 14 wherein the senators have waived and abandoned their PDAF for 2013. With that abandonment of their PDAF entitlement, it has created savings which the President may use as calamity fund for areas affected by the typhoons ‘Labuyo’ and ‘Santi,’ by the earthquake in Visayas, and the man-made disaster in Zamboanga,” stressed Drilon, primary author of said resolution. “We urged the President to use these savings to support   ongoing recovery a