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Graphic Novel Contest, agkakadakkel iti maipaay a gunguna

Malaksid iti cash prize nga abaken dagiti makisalip iti Graphic Novel Contest, mapanda pay agbasa idiay Metro Manila para iti graphic designs. Daytoy ket tapno ad-adda pay a mainspirar dagiti makilaban iti daytoy inton Disiembre 5, aldaw ti Huwebes iti mismo a La Tabacalera Function Hall iti oras ti ala una ti malem. Ti Graphic Novel Contest ket  paset pay laeng iti selebrasion ti Tan-ok Festival a maysa kadagiti naindaklan nga aktibidad ti probinsa iti liderato ni Gobernador Ma. Imelda “Imee” R. Marcos. Ti nadakamat a pakontest ket mainaig iti panag-drawing ti novel gapu ta saan a linged nga adu dagiti addaan ti talento kangrunaanna dagiti agtutubo a nalaing nga agaramid iti illustrated short stories. Gagem pay iti daytoy ket tapno ad-adda pay a maasa ti laingda iti panagdrawing ken panagaramid iti novel a mabalin a maisurat iti Ilocano wenno English ngem masapul a maikonektar iti pakasaritaan, kababalin ken nagkauna nga estoria dagiti natataengan. Dagiti const

PCCI cites environment-friendly companies

Holcim Philippines Inc., KEPCO Ilijan Corporation and Land Bank of the Philippines were awarded the 2013 Excellence in Ecology and Economy Awards (E3 Award) of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) during the recently concluded 39th Philippine Business Conference (PBC) held at the Manila Hotel last 22-24 October 2013. The companies were recognized for their accomplishments in promoting sound environmental practices through implementation of   pioneering   and innovative programs and establishing environmental systems in their operations that significantly contributed to business sustainability. The awards were presented by Department of Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo Abaya, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminie B. Coloma, PCCI President Miguel B. Varela, PCCI Chairman and Chairman of the 39th Philippine Business Conference Alfredo M. Yao, and PCCI Honorary Chairman and Vice President for Environment Edgardo G. Lacson.

Beware of spins

WE will always have differences of views and opinions due to our differences of backgrounds, preferences, visions, etc. In a way, this is good, to be expected, and, in fact, also to be fostered. This variety can only enrich our life in many ways. Many of them come in some unexpected, even unwelcome manners. But the conflicts and clashes can shed some light of clarification, and can even release a certain energy to stir us to action and transformation. They somehow enlarge our world, freeing us from the grip of our own biases and improper attachments. They introduce us to new things or to some inconvenient truths that are good for us to realize. Yes, tension is unavoidable in this process, and depending on how we handle it, it can do us a lot of good or it can also harm us. Of course, the best way is always to pray, to bring matters first before God before we present them to others. Then it is good to have a firm hold of our emotions, our thoughts and words, and to c

Pundo para ti pannakapadur-as ti bawang, inlatang ti DA

Naragsakan ni Gob. Ma. Imelda “Imee” R. Marcos kalpasan nga inlatang ti Department of Agriculture (DA) ti P10 million para iti pannakapadur-as ti produkto dagiti Ilokano a bawang. Ti nasao a pundo ket maipaima iti Mariano Marcos State University gapu ta daytoy ti natudingan a mangisayangkat ti panagsukisok. Gapu iti daytoy, agtataripnong dagiti pannakabagi ti DA, ti MMSU ken ti gobierno probinsial inton umay a lawas tapno mapirmaan ti katulagan. Ti pangngeddeng ti DA a mangilatang iti pundo ket namunganay iti kiddaw ni Marcos a maikkan iti umno a pannakataripato ti industria ti bawang ditoy probinsia.   Mainaig iti daytoy, nagyaman pay ti gobernador gapu ta malaksid iti naipaay a pundo, lima a mannalon ditoy Ilocos Norte ti nadutokan a kameng ti National Garlic Action Team (NGAT). Babaen kadagitoy, maaddaan ti boses dagiti Ilokano a mannalon a mangpanday kadagiti pagannurotan para ti panagangkat ti bawang manipud iti ballasiw taaw. ( PGIN-CMO )

The Ilocos Times Nov. 25-Dec. 1, 2013

PGIN taps youth volunteerism

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos listens to the interests and needs of students from Ilocos Norte Agricultural College in the town of Pasuquin on the launching of "Manang Imee's Sirib Express" November 22. "Sirib Express" is a roving one-stop shop to seek intervention and provide assistance to high school and college students, out-of-school youths, and job-seeking graduates. (PGIN-CMO) By Leilanie G. Adriano Staff Reporter In this time of new media when the youth spend most of their time playing online or actively participating in social networking sites within the comfort of their homes, if not in the school or just roaming around, how do you engage them and make their presence felt in local government? It’s simple. The Ilocos Norte government has the answer. For the first time in history, the Ilocos Norte government converged a gathering of youth leaders and volunteers aged 15 to 29 around the province on November

Adda latta puso ti komunidad nga agayat

Awan ti saan kadagiti kadaraan no kastoy a dumteng ti didigra ti padana. Kasano ngamin a mapagkedkedan ti maysa a tignay wenno kampania a mangur-or ti tulong no iti agdadata a kinapudno ket agsagsagaba dagiti kadaraan. Ania la ket ngaminen a kinadamsak dayta a Yolanda a nangduprak ken nangdamsak ti katengngaan ti ka-Visayaan ken dagiti kaparanget a lugar. Ania la ket ngaminen aya a kinadawel ti inna inted kadagiti agindeg kadagitoy a luglugar. Ni awanan kaasi, ni awanan ti pilpilienna nga ilugluges ken iwagtewagteng iti kinadangkok daytoy a bandido ti kinadawel.   Kinaranggas ti amin ti impaayna kadagiti amin a nadalapusna iti nakaparsuaan iti baba ti langit ken iti rabaw ti daga. Dagita nga asug, dagita a saning-i, dagita kinarungsot.Biag, sanikua, saanna a pinakawan nga inggudas. Dagiti bangkay, dagiti nadalutaytay, dagiti ikkis, dagiti sangsangit ni maririgatan. Sangsangit ni nagpasina ken napanawan. Dagiti saan a malasin a kabagian ken kameng ti pamilia. I