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Graphic Novel Contest, agkakadakkel iti maipaay a gunguna

Malaksid iti cash prize nga abaken dagiti makisalip iti Graphic Novel Contest, mapanda pay agbasa idiay Metro Manila para iti graphic designs.

Daytoy ket tapno ad-adda pay a mainspirar dagiti makilaban iti daytoy inton Disiembre 5, aldaw ti Huwebes iti mismo a La Tabacalera Function Hall iti oras ti ala una ti malem.

Ti Graphic Novel Contest ket  paset pay laeng iti selebrasion ti Tan-ok Festival a maysa kadagiti naindaklan nga aktibidad ti probinsa iti liderato ni Gobernador Ma. Imelda “Imee” R. Marcos.

Ti nadakamat a pakontest ket mainaig iti panag-drawing ti novel gapu ta saan a linged nga adu dagiti addaan ti talento kangrunaanna dagiti agtutubo a nalaing nga agaramid iti illustrated short stories.

Gagem pay iti daytoy ket tapno ad-adda pay a maasa ti laingda iti panagdrawing ken panagaramid iti novel a mabalin a maisurat iti Ilocano wenno English ngem masapul a maikonektar iti pakasaritaan, kababalin ken nagkauna nga estoria dagiti natataengan.

Dagiti constestant a nagpalista ket manipud kadagiti nagduduma a pagadalan ditoy Ilocos Norte.

Ti awarding dagiti mangabak ket maigiddan to met iti Sarita ni Ilocano Inter-High School Debates. (Rosita Macalipis, PGIN-CMO)

PCCI cites environment-friendly companies

Holcim Philippines Inc., KEPCO Ilijan Corporation and Land Bank of the Philippines were awarded the 2013 Excellence in Ecology and Economy Awards (E3 Award) of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) during the recently concluded 39th Philippine Business Conference (PBC) held at the Manila Hotel last 22-24 October 2013. The companies were recognized for their accomplishments in promoting sound environmental practices through implementation of   pioneering   and innovative programs and establishing environmental systems in their operations that significantly contributed to business sustainability.

The awards were presented by Department of Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo Abaya, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminie B. Coloma, PCCI President Miguel B. Varela, PCCI Chairman and Chairman of the 39th Philippine Business Conference Alfredo M. Yao, and PCCI Honorary Chairman and Vice President for Environment Edgardo G. Lacson.

Varela, PCCI president, acknowledged that the three awardees are corporate models that inspire small and medium and large enterprises and the general public to care for the environment.

Lacson lauded them for their deliberate efforts to manage their environmental impacts by incorporating environmental sustainability principles in their business operations. 

This is the first time that PCCI has conferred this excellence award to three large companies.

PCCI also conferred a Special Citation Award to Aqua Peace Farm for  incorporating environmentally sound practices in fishery production;  Ayala Land Inc. for incorporating environmental sustainability  principles in property development projects;  Bank of the Philippine Islands for its environmental activities under its I-GIVE (I Get Involved, I Volunteer for the Environment)  program;  and  TI (Philippines), Inc. –Clark for its systems on  pollution prevention and waste minimization and for its LEED Certified Facility.

The awardees were unanimously selected by a Panel of Judges chaired Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Director Atty. Juan Miguel T. Cuna, University of the Philippines Dean of College of Engineering an Executive Director National Engineering Center Dr. Aura Castillo-Matias, WWF Philippines Director Atty. Angela Consuelo Ibay and Beacon Environmental Management Systems, Inc. General Manager Dr. Benjamin de Jesus.

The Excellence in Ecology and Economy Award is an annual project of the PCCI Environment Division headed by PCCI Vice President for Environment Edgardo G. Lacson and Environment Committee Chair Jesus G. Reyes and Co-chair Jose Reynato Morente.

Beware of spins

WE will always have differences of views and opinions due to our differences of backgrounds, preferences, visions, etc. In a way, this is good, to be expected, and, in fact, also to be fostered.

This variety can only enrich our life in many ways. Many of them come in some unexpected, even unwelcome manners. But the conflicts and clashes can shed some light of clarification, and can even release a certain energy to stir us to action and transformation.

They somehow enlarge our world, freeing us from the grip of our own biases and improper attachments. They introduce us to new things or to some inconvenient truths that are good for us to realize.

Yes, tension is unavoidable in this process, and depending on how we handle it, it can do us a lot of good or it can also harm us. Of course, the best way is always to pray, to bring matters first before God before we present them to others.

Then it is good to have a firm hold of our emotions, our thoughts and words, and to constantly hone our communication skills even to the point of polishing the art of eloquence and elegance. By all means, let’s avoid gutter language and rude manners.

This training is, of course, an ongoing and lifelong process. We can never say we are good enough in this department. Especially these days when events and developments with their issues come to us very rapidly, aided also by our very advanced communication technologies, we should take good care of our formation in this area.

There’s just one thing that, I think, we have to be warned about these days. This is the phenomenon of spins, a conscious, self-serving if not malicious effort to distort facts and data.

This usually comes about when we are too attached to our views and opinions, when we are not open-minded, when we do not exert effort to understand the views of others, when we think that we are always correct.

And all these can be abetted by our undisciplined emotions and passions, and worse, when we blindly follow, as in being fanatical, some ideologies and the official positions of their leaders, often mouthing empty slogans and clichés.

For example, in the current heat of the relief and rebuild work in the aftermath of Yolanda and the earthquake, there are obvious attempts to make spins to rationalize things, to hide certain things while showing off other things.

We can see that in the Korina-Anderson affair, the PNoy-Mar and the Romualdezes tiff, the DSWD and Lucy Torres things. Things are getting confused and certainly are harming the rehabilitation efforts.

The spin also can come about when we happen to be professional communicators like journalists, public relations practitioners, people in media in general who are paid to do the job of communicating.

Like lawyers, they can be tasked to promote and defend certain interests of clients, customers, political parties, different groups and sectors of the population. There is nothing wrong with that. That’s how the cookie crumbles in any society.

But while this profession is very legitimate, we always have to understand that like all other professions, it is subject to the requirements of ethics and morality. No one should dare to practice journalism or public relations work without a clear idea of ethics and morality.

It’s true that media practitioners can highlight certain angles of the issues at hand, but they are not free to make up stories, tell lies, fall into deception and unreasonable attacks, or to wag the dog, that is, when something of secondary importance takes on the role of something of primary importance, often straining credibility.

In the world of politics that sadly now colors the relief-and-rebuild operations, spins usually sprout like weeds. We need to actively expose and uproot them as soon as they come.

There’s always need to continually rectify our intentions, review the data thoroughly, check on the credibility of the sources. Everyone has to work toward the common good, ferreting the truth where they can be found, and always promoting justice and fairness.

There should be eagerness to engage others in a meaningful and respectful dialogue, with the right manners, language, tone and timing. These conditions contribute to sustaining a good and fruitful exchange of views.

Neither should we forget the need for delicacy, understanding and forgiveness, both in asking for it and in giving it readily. Thus, even as boldness and decisiveness are crucial in any dialogue, the traits of humility and simplicity should never disappear. These always create a conducive ambience for dialogue.

Pundo para ti pannakapadur-as ti bawang, inlatang ti DA

Naragsakan ni Gob. Ma. Imelda “Imee” R. Marcos kalpasan nga inlatang ti Department of Agriculture (DA) ti P10 million para iti pannakapadur-as ti produkto dagiti Ilokano a bawang.

Ti nasao a pundo ket maipaima iti Mariano Marcos State University gapu ta daytoy ti natudingan a mangisayangkat ti panagsukisok.

Gapu iti daytoy, agtataripnong dagiti pannakabagi ti DA, ti MMSU ken ti gobierno probinsial inton umay a lawas tapno mapirmaan ti katulagan.

Ti pangngeddeng ti DA a mangilatang iti pundo ket namunganay iti kiddaw ni Marcos a maikkan iti umno a pannakataripato ti industria ti bawang ditoy probinsia.  

Mainaig iti daytoy, nagyaman pay ti gobernador gapu ta malaksid iti naipaay a pundo, lima a mannalon ditoy Ilocos Norte ti nadutokan a kameng ti National Garlic Action Team (NGAT).

Babaen kadagitoy, maaddaan ti boses dagiti Ilokano a mannalon a mangpanday kadagiti pagannurotan para ti panagangkat ti bawang manipud iti ballasiw taaw. (PGIN-CMO)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Ilocos Times Nov. 25-Dec. 1, 2013

The Ilocos Times November 25-December 1

PGIN taps youth volunteerism

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos listens to the interests and needs of students from Ilocos Norte Agricultural College in the town of Pasuquin on the launching of "Manang Imee's Sirib Express" November 22. "Sirib Express" is a roving one-stop shop to seek intervention and provide assistance to high school and college students, out-of-school youths, and job-seeking graduates. (PGIN-CMO)
By Leilanie G. Adriano
Staff Reporter

In this time of new media when the youth spend most of their time playing online or actively participating in social networking sites within the comfort of their homes, if not in the school or just roaming around, how do you engage them and make their presence felt in local government?

It’s simple. The Ilocos Norte government has the answer.

For the first time in history, the Ilocos Norte government converged a gathering of youth leaders and volunteers aged 15 to 29 around the province on November 22, primarily to hear their voice and how can the provincial government help them.

Other than a few beneficiaries of educational scholarship programs and usual conduct of sports activities and educational tour, the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) is known for, the Sirib Express, an exclusive youth-oriented program of the provincial government under the administration of Ilocos Norte Gov. Ma. Imelda “Imee” R. Marcos which kicked on November 22 at the Ilocos Norte Agricultural College (INAC).

It primarily aims to engage their active participation and help the provincial government in its effort to empower the youth sector and harness their potential in nation building.

“Sirib” is an Iluko term which means knowledge. The Sirib express is meant for the education development in the province through though the establishment of its own programs to assess the needs and create opportunities for out-of-school youths, indigents and job-seeking graduates.

Also, the Sirib Express was incepted following the successful conduct of “Capitol Express”, a roving one-stop shop in support of the province’s localize Millennium Development Goals program, aiming to bring in government frontline services closer to people even in rural areas.
Students from Ilocos Norte Agricultural College, led by Girlie Menor, Supreme Student Government President (second from left), have a dialogue with Governor Imee Marcos about their interests as well as their needs on Nov. 22 in the municipality of Pasuquin. (PGIN-CMO)
 On November 16, student leaders from the secondary and tertiary levels, including major universities and technology and vocational institutes participated in the orientation of the Sirib Express services at the Ilocos Norte Centennial Arena and at the same time, elected the Ilocano Youth Parliament. The officers will work together with the provincial government and conduct outreach services to fellow students including out of school youth.  

According to June Arvin C. Gudoy, chief of the Communication and Media Office of the provincial government said an approximate P7.5 million has been allotted in the 2014 budget for the implementation of the Sirib Express services.

Along with at least 14 departments of the provincial Capitol who will carry out the outreach program for the youth, Gudoy said the Sirib express services will be going to schools—both in high schools and colleges every semester to offer services such as student job fairs, resume writing, interview workshop, career coaching, student skills training and basic classes on photography, Adobe Photoshop and graphic design , agricultural livelihood programs and technical assistance, leadership training, guidance counseling, self-employment assistance program, symposium on responsible adolescence sexuality, loan program for women student entrepreneurs and many more.

“The youth has really a huge population. Their energy is what we need if we want to fast track our development in the province. They are the future. We need to train them,” Marcos said as she sees the youth as the “best partners” on mobilizing development programs here.

During the program’s launch in Pasuquin, the governor explained: “Parang Capitol Express din [na] dadalhin yung mga capitol frontline services, mga scholarship, mga [needs], yung sa fisheries, [Special Program for Employment of Students], other jobs for summer and so on sa mga eskwelahan pero we’re still experimenting kung papaano.”

“We’re going to big schools and INAC is the first one with its 1, 200 students so hopefully we can proceed to other schools. So let’s see how it works out,” she added. 

“Manang Imee’s Capitol Express”, which was launched last July, is the provincial government’s flagship program in terms of making its services more accessible to people, particularly to the grassroots. 

Like Capitol Express, Sirib is also set to visit areas especially public schools and universities once every semester in order to update beneficiaries on the progress of their requests.

Frontline services offered include educational scholarship, sports equipment, employment assistance, guidance counseling as well as free seminars and workshops on photography, graphic design, husbandry, résumé personality development, responsible adolescence sexuality among others.

During the launching, Ms Marcos who was wearing a T-shirt bearing the logo of the new program sat down in a circle with student leaders of INAC and asked them, “Ano ang pangangailangan ng kabataang Ilocano?” 

Student leaders voiced out their interests and problems, leading to requests for faster internet connection in computer laboratories for research purposes and other issues such as having a book club, biking club, and part-time jobs.

Forms dropped to a suggestion box displayed during the express also revealed other needs such as the upgrading of computer facilities and the inclusion of classes which deal about beauty care. 

“Kailangan nating pagtuunan ng pansin ang kabataan dahil nakahold ang [Sangguniang Kabataan], hindi masyadong aktibo so dapat na sagutin din natin ang pangangailangan,” the governor said. 

According to her, drug addiction and teenage pregnancy which are major problems “specific to kids” are among the several reasons which drive Sirib Express.   

“Walang matakbuhan ang mga batang may problemang ganyan. Mas maigi na yung [Out-of-School youth] at iba pang mga problema ay kabataan din ang sasagot kasi kabisado nila at mas makakausap ang isa’t isa,” she added, highlighting volunteerism as key component to the program.  

“I want to thank Governor Imee for the scholarship program. This support ensured my education for four years. This is a big help for my parents who can’t really afford sending me to school,” said Haydee Rivera, a fourth year student of INAC and a beneficiary of Iskolar ni Manang Imee.

“Iskolar ni Manang Imee” was the first flagship program of Ms Marcos on education. Now it benefits thousands of youth across the province.

“I am sure that with Sirib Express, more students will become aware of the services and will be aided in their education. Thank you again for another wonderful program,” Rivera added.

Next site to be visited by the Sirib Express is Paoay National High School on November 25, 2013, Monday. (With a report from Grazielle Mae A. Sales, PGIN-CMO

Students from Ilocos Norte Agricultural College in Pasuquin line up to avail of frontline services from the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte during "Manang Imee's Sirib Express" on Nov. 22. The "Sirib Express" is a roving one-stop shop to seek intervention and provide assistance to high school and college students, out-of-school youths, and job-seeking graduates. (PGIN-CMO)

Adda latta puso ti komunidad nga agayat

Awan ti saan kadagiti kadaraan no kastoy a dumteng ti didigra ti padana. Kasano ngamin a mapagkedkedan ti maysa a tignay wenno kampania a mangur-or ti tulong no iti agdadata a kinapudno ket agsagsagaba dagiti kadaraan.

Ania la ket ngaminen a kinadamsak dayta a Yolanda a nangduprak ken nangdamsak ti katengngaan ti ka-Visayaan ken dagiti kaparanget a lugar. Ania la ket ngaminen aya a kinadawel ti inna inted kadagiti agindeg kadagitoy a luglugar. Ni awanan kaasi, ni awanan ti pilpilienna nga ilugluges ken iwagtewagteng iti kinadangkok daytoy a bandido ti kinadawel.  

Kinaranggas ti amin ti impaayna kadagiti amin a nadalapusna iti nakaparsuaan iti baba ti langit ken iti rabaw ti daga.

Dagita nga asug, dagita a saning-i, dagita kinarungsot.Biag, sanikua, saanna a pinakawan nga inggudas. Dagiti bangkay, dagiti nadalutaytay, dagiti ikkis, dagiti sangsangit ni maririgatan. Sangsangit ni nagpasina ken napanawan. Dagiti saan a malasin a kabagian ken kameng ti pamilia.

Inagaw ti dawel. Ginudas ti nasakit a panagsagaba.

Dagiti ipupusay ken saan a napakadaan a pannakaipusing ken pannakaibartay.

Ita a masursurat daytoy, nagtignay ti Hawaii, nagtignay ti komunidad, adda kaniakania a wagas ti panagur-or. Kania kania a panangidalan. Nagtignayen ti Rapid Response iti salinong ti Oahu Filipino Community Council [OFCC] a saksakupen ti Special Projects. Asu metten dagiti nanglesles  ti ima ti pagan-anayda. Adda dagiti kimmaut kadagiti bolsada. Dagiti nagpirma ti tsekeda. Adun nga naiwayat a kita ti panagur-or. Maibilang ti fishnet wenno cash net a  maitaya dagitoy batbateng ken supot. Dagitoy a boluntario a kaaduanna ti adda iti OFCC ken dadduma a gunglo Filipino a kas iti Vigan, Ilocos Surian, Sinait, La Union, Bulacan, Cabugao, ken no isapasap a sarita, amin amin a seknan ti panagayat ken pannakitinnulong.

Adu pay nakaeskedeul dagiti kita ti fundraising a maangay.

Ti OFCC Rapid Response ket nairanta a mangurnong tip undo, adda man ken awan ti kalamidad. Nairanta a mangurnos ti pondo, tulong a madagdagus a maaramat ken maited. Saan ketdi nga agkuti laeng ti komnunidad no umayen wenno madaman ti rigat.

Ti OFCC ken AARP ti agdanggay a mangisakad ti naindaklan a proyekto a mangitag-ay ti nasalun-at ken nasayaat a programa ti Family Walk For Fun para iti Disiembre 14, 2013 a maangay iti Magic Island, Ala Moana Beach Park iti asideg ti Waikiki.

Linawas iti tunggal Mierkoles ti miting nga idauluan da Jean Jeremiah, Angie Santiago, Baybee Hufana Ablan, Loida Yamamoto, ken aminen nga opisiales ti OFCC, ti Ilocos Surian nga ipanguluan ni Danny Villaruz, Jun Abinsay, Tessie Aganon iti Vigan ken dadduma pay a kameng ti nadumaduma nga organisasion.

Saan met a nagpaudi ti KNDI, aksion a dagus. Binuniaganda ti Operation Tulong.  Urnos  dita, koleksion ditoy. Kuna ni Station Owner/Manager Gerry Malabed: maawat amin a donasion, lupot, delata, ules, makan ken kuarta.

Adda met ti Filipino Chamber of Commerce, ti Kokua Philippines ken dadduma. Mapasungadan dagiti maangay a konsierto ken  dadduma a wagas. Ti nasken: ti maurnong tapno adda mainayon a maited.

Uray ti mayor ti Maui County Alan Arakawa ket nagtignay met a dagus a tumulong kadagiti agsagsagaba iti rigat.

Inkari met ni Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie ti tulong ti gobierno babaen kadagiti masnop nga ahensia ti turay.

Kadagiti simbaan, adda met dagiti relief fund ket inkarida met a tumulongda.

Wagwagenyo ti bolsa ken petakayo, kuna ni Apo Padi

Kas wagas a pangtulong, imbilin met ti Obispo ti Hawaii Diocese nga amin a koleksion iti Thanksgiving ket para ti Relief idiay Filipinas.

Adu metten dagiti grupo ti negosiante ken korporasion a nagited iti tulongda tapno maikkan ti maikadua a gundaway nga agbiag ken bumangon nga agbiag dagiti binasnot ti dawel. Baro a biag. Baro a namnama iti sabali nga aldaw.

Saan met a makidem dagiti sabali a puli ken nasion ti matada iti daytoy nadidigra a pagteng a namsaak ni Yolanda. No kasano ti kadakkel ti puso ti America nga ipanguluan ti agdama a presidente Barack Obama kas ti napardas a panangibilinna kadagiti ayudantena iti masnop a departamento ti gobierno, addadan sadiay dagiti rinibu a kameng ti puersa ken kameng ti volunteer groups.

Nakaukrad amin a takiag ken im-ima dagiti addaan puso a tumulong. Saanda met a mabalin ti agdalikepkep ken mangbuelta ti kastoy a buya ti panagsagaba.

Mangted. Mangted. Agayat. Agayat. Agayat iti pada a tao nga adda iti karitan. Ti Mata ti Dios, makitanaka. Ti Ima ti Dios, sagidennaka. Taoka, padaka a tao- a makatulong, a managayat. Ti aramidmo ket saan a barengbareng. Namnamanaka ni kapadam a parsua nga adda iti karigatan.

Ayat ti itedmo. Ayatto met ti maisagut kenka.