Sunday, November 26, 2017

Batac City drowning

Batac rescue. The search, rescue and retrieval (SRR) team composed of the City Risk Disaster and Management Office, Philippine Air Force, Philippine Coast Guard and the Bureau of Fire Protection-Batac retrieve the body of the drowned victim identified as Brian Rabanal, 29 years old, single, and resident of Brgy. Quiling Norte last October 16 at 1:00 pm. The victim, along with his family were on a picnic at the Garasgas River bank in the morning of October 15 where he got drunk. By noontime, they decided to go home but he took a shortcut by swimming across the Garasgas River where authorities believed he drowned. The SRR Team went on a full search and rescue operations right after the family reported the incident but they had to halt at 6 pm. The barangay tanods of Quiling Norte were on guard at the area until the resumption of the search and retrieval operations on the morning of October 16 when they retrieved the victim. (Photos courtesy of Arvin Francis Lumang)

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