Friday, March 9, 2018

Bike zipline to rise soon in Vintar

On this site shall rise a bike and surf zipline in sitio Bucana, Barangay Parparoroc, Vintar, Ilocos Norte. (File photo)

Staff reporter

Vintar, Ilocos Norte—A zip bike and surf zipline will soon operate in this town.

Overlooking the vast Bislak River near the 16 by 50-square meter Vintar dam at Sitio Bucana, Brgy. Parparoroc, town officials here and representatives of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) broke ground on January 18 the proposed site.

They expect construction to start in March this year.

Vintar mayor Larissa C. Foronda said it took about three years for the municipality to conceptualize the project as she shared her excitement that it is now turning into a reality.

“It took us more than three years to start this project and we grateful for the DENR and those who helped in the processing of a special patent that shows the lot where the project will be erected is owned by the municipality,” Ms. Foronda told reporters after the groundbreaking ceremony.

With an initial funding of PHP11 million, the ride-a-bike zipline and surf zipline measuring 230 meters long each hope to bring back the glory of this town in the tourism map, said municipal tourism officer Erwin Suguitan as he recalled that during the 1970’s, the Vintar river is a favorite ground for picnickers.

For his part, provincial tourism officer Ianree Raquel said the Umok ni Siwawer Eco-Tourism Nature Park, once completed, will also contribute a lot to the overall tourism development of Ilocos Norte.

“We’ve seen and always that Vintar has a very strong potential in terms of tourism growth not only because of its proximity to Laoag capital and the international airport but most especially because of its God-given gifts,” Mr. Raquel said.

During summer, the Bislak River offers various water activities initiated by the local government unit.

Over the years however, neglect marred its beauty and everyone seemingly forgot it. But due to a renewed spirit of residents to bring back its lost glory, the municipal tourism office together with a developmental team introduce a master plan for tourism development, hence, the Vintar dam is now an emerging hub for water sports enthusiasts.

Some of the water sports activities offered at the moment include kayaking, water biking and water zorbing among others.

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