Friday, April 27, 2018

Drug supply in Ilocos Norte drops—PDEA

Staff reporter

LAOAG CITY—Owing to the intensified drive against prohibited drugs, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in Ilocos Norte reported that drug supply in the province has significantly dropped.

PDEA agent Lanibelle Ancheta made the announcement as she provided anti-drug activities and updates on the drug clearing operations here.

In 2016, Ms. Ancheta reported they seized a total of 51,4823 grams of shabu.  She added that the total seized volume of 10.0075 grams in 2017 is significantly lower, which, she said, means the supply has dropped by more than 100 hundred percent.

From January up to present, the PDEA Ilocos Norte reported seizing at least 5.7036 grams.

According to Ms. Ancheta, one of PDEA’s greatest achievement include the January 26, 2018 arrest of Marvin Crisostomo, a former Piddig councilor and a staff member of Piddig vice mayor Generoso Aquino.

To date, the PDEA has declared nine out of the 21 towns and two cities of Ilocos Norte as “drug-free”. These are the towns of Carasi, Marcos, Adams, Banna, Currimao, Dumalneg, Burgos, Piddig and Vintar.

Of the total 518 drug affected barangays in Ilocos Norte, the PDEA said they have validated and cleared at least 61 percent, or 320.

While validating the remaining 198 barangays, Ms. Ancheta urged Ilocos Norte officials and residents to continue to be more vigilant to suppress the entry of prohibited drugs.

“Despite limited manpower and logistics, let’s continue to stay vigilant and help maintain peace and order in the province,” Ms. Ancheta underscored.

Once they clear a drug-affected barangay, PDEA clarified that even if law enforcers arrest a drug suspect on the same locality, this will not affect the said status a. PDEA, however, has a maximum of 30 days to take proper action. (Leilanie G. Adriano)

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