Monday, June 4, 2018

Sarrat puts up warning signs in river

Staff reporter

Sarrat, Ilocos Norte—The municipal government here installed warning boards on the depths of the Padsan River to avoid accidents.

This town’s part of the Padsan River is a favorite for picnickers this summer.

Sarrat mayor Remigio Medrano said the warning boards primarily aims to prevent drowning incidents, especially for children who frequent the river this hot summer.

Earlier, the Sarrat police reported a minor from Barangay 23, this town, who was drowned at the San Joaquin River Resort. Investigation showed that the victim along with three other cousins went to the river without their parents’ knowledge and they were not aware that the usually shallow river has a deep portion.

In view of this, the municipal government put up several signages to prevent swimming in the area.

Mr. Medrano also asked municipal employees and barangay watch people to help monitor picnickers in the absence of lifeguards.

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