Monday, June 4, 2018

SSS urges members to get PRN for payments’ real-time posting

By Leilanie G. Adriano
Staff reporter

LAOAG CITY—The Social Security System (SSS) announced that it started implementing the real-time posting of SSS contribution payments.

In a press conference, SSS Ilocos Norte branch manager Benjamin Lopez explained the new system intends to eliminate the slow process of manual posting and verification, a common problem members encounter.

“Since January 16, we started the electronic Collection System (e-CS) to facilitate the real-time posting of SSS contribution payments. So, immediately after the printing of the Payment Reference Number (PRN), it now requires the list of employees whom the paid contribution is automatically credited,” said Mr. Lopez.

In previous years, Mr. Lopez admitted that it takes time for the agency to post the individual’s contribution especially if the business owners use a different number and later on submit the list of their employees.

Under SSS Circular No. 2017-010, all employers, including household employers, and individual members such as self-employed, voluntary, and overseas Filipino workers, are now required to register with My.SSS on the SSS website ( A PRN will be used to pay contributions through payment channels, such as teller facilities in SSS branches, banks, and non-bank collection facilities.

According to Mr. Lopez, employers and individual members who have computer at home with internet can register their own electronic billing system and every time they pay their contribution, it will now be automatically posted online.

Private and government collecting agents and banks will now also be required to be PRN-compliant which means they are not accredited to accept SSS payment contributions if they cannot issue PRN.

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