Wednesday, August 29, 2018

PNP conducts surprise earthquake drill in Pinili school

By Leilanie G. Adriano
Staff reporter

Pinili, Ilocos Norte—The Philippine National Police conducted a surprise earthquake drill at the Badio Elementary School in this Pinili town on the morning of July 19, 2018 to assess the knowledge and preparation skills of learners here in the event of calamity.

At 9:45 in the morning, the school bell rang, which surprised the students. A grade 3 pupil, Hannah Luzcille Pagdilao and her classmates immediately ducked and covered their head with a book and moved out of the classroom since an “earthquake” has disturbed their on-going classroom activity.

While they were at the open ground, the eight-year-old Ms. Pagdilao who became the team leader, started to count her classmates to check if there anyone trapped inside the classroom.

In a corner, SPO1 Noel Abad along with PO Claire Ramiscal, Princess Aguinaldo, Sammy Sangbaan, Neil John Kieran Leano and Richard Rafanan of the Police Community Relations Office of the Ilocos Norte Provincial Mobile Force Company observed the reactions and alertness of the kids.

After the drill, Mr. Abad lauded the school children for their serious cooperation in the undertaking.

“Job well done, children!” Mr. Abad exclaimed with a warm applause as he also acknowledged the teachers and their school principal for teaching the students well.

“The hold, duck and cover [exercises are] not already new to our pupils,” said Aileen Rambaud, principal of the Pinili school as they regularly participate in the conduct of nationwide earthquake drill.

Nonetheless, the police reiterated to the young learners the do’s and don’ts when an earthquake happens. They also shared some tips to the children which they may share with family and friends at home.

Mr. Abad reminded the children not to panic instead just hold, duck and find hard objects to cover the head to avoid falling objects from causing accidents or wounds.

On August 16, the province of Ilocos Norte will host a nationwide earthquake drill where they encourage all concerned stakeholders to participate.

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