Wednesday, February 28, 2018

PrimeWater Ilocos Norte-INWD partnership launch first ‘Grand Walk the Line’ activity

PrimeWater Ilocos Norte employee repairing the leaking meter set up.
By Dominic B. dela Cruz

The dedicated partnership of PrimeWater Ilocos Norte and the Ilocos Norte Water District (INWD) launched its first ever Grand Walk the Line (GWTL) activity on December 29, 2017.

This activity is an intensified street-by-street leak detection program aimed to combat non-revenue water (NRW). Around 25 employees from both PrimeWater Ilocos Norte and the INWD walked along the water main lines to check for any irregularities relating to water services: from leaks to illegal connections, which form part of the partnership’s NRW.

The partners held the GWTL activity on a designated “Supply Zone 5”, which covers the southern part of Laoag: Brgys. Nangalisan A & B, Buttong, Darayday, Raraburan, Tangid, Nalbo, Bengcag, Cabungaan A & B, Araniw, Zamboanga, Gabu Norte & Sur, Cavit, Mangato, Balatong and Balacad. They found a total of five leaks, one illegal connection, and 56 for meter standardization during the said activity. The partnership then immediately applied appropriate actions to each of the findings.

NRW is the water loss due to variety of factors but is mainly attributable to leakages. These NRW were supposed to be consumed by the concessionaires in the served areas, however, lost mainly because of leaking pipelines. The aforesaid GWTL Activity greatly helped the partnership not only in identifying leaks but also in identifying other irregularities pertaining to its water services, which are all crucial in combatting NRW.

The result of low-level of NRW, which is the aim of the above said activity, are increased water supply and higher pressure in the served areas of the partnership. This, in turn, will benefit the people of Ilocos Norte. The partnership also plans to continue the conduct of this walk the line activity in order to address NRW.

PrimeWater Ilocos Norte and the INWD employees who participated in the
Grand Walk the Line Activity, at Brgy. Gabu, Laoag City.
With this initiative, and all the future projects in line, PrimeWater Ilocos Norte and the INWD are optimistic that the partnership will be able to achieve its goal of providing quality and sustainable water supply and services to its service areas, all for the betterment of life of the people of Ilocos Norte.

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