Sunday, July 5, 2015

Proper education and guidance—a tough job for everybody

By Aileen V. Joaquin

If one views the situation nowadays, then one would see that we are we are existing in a world that offers lots of comforts and conveniences as compared with yesteryears. With the advancement in technology that affects our lives, almost everything can be done in much less time and as a result, it is more productive in terms of quantity and quality.

We observe and notice that every individual is affected and benefited brought about by new technologies. Houses can be built in a month’s time, foods can be cooked instantly, and vehicles are much faster, economical and safer compared to the mockups before.

Moreover, we can send messages or communicate with the people around the globe quicker, easier and more economical due to the advent of cellular phones, pagers, fax machines, and electronic email and likewise retrieve documents from our relatives, friends, business partners or anybody else everywhere in the world whether we are at home, in the office or on a vacation. We can view television programs and news from other countries through cables and satellite dishes.

Due to the advancement of technology, our world has become a lot smaller.  The counterpart of advancement of technology is more on moral deterioration.  The world is caught in a serious social crisis. Many people are charmed by the lure of criminal acts like killings, drug trafficking, murder, immorality, drunkenness and others. With the situation, the young children are besieged with the temptation to imitate what they hear, what they read in the newspapers, what they see in the television and movies, likewise follow untoward behavior of maladjusted people around them. Such problems have penetrated the schools and they are increasingly complicating from day to day. These crises are attributed through the advancement in technology.

Each man is created not to fight but to love. This person will go to different places to search for meaning in his life. This endeavor however is sometimes in vain. There is no peace and love and the world still becomes more confusing.  The more he engages in technology, the more he is exposed to practices that change his values in life. He loses his own values.  If knowledge and expertise is important, values is also important.  Positive values or virtues are needed by a person to be able to do his jobs or responsibilities more effectively and efficiently. These values should be imbued in his life in order to search for meaning in his life. 

The utilization of internet helps to hasten the democratization of education, but at the same time it also brings easy access to other cultures. Used unrestrainedly, it will have tremendous implications on the moral values such as turning scenes of violence, anger and hatred into stimuli for learning.

We are now on the on the threshold of an era of high technology, we wanted to embrace its positive contribution to our lives because we do not want to be left behind. There are many advantages that make us more prolific and fruitful but our interest in high tech gadgets should be coupled with desirable values.

Moral deterioration is caused by wrong modelling, peer influence, family problems,  advancement in technology, influence of media, temper of mother, colonialism, laxity in the enforcement of laws and materialism (wealth, prestige or honor, power, money and sex),  destructive competition and weakening faith in God.

We should envision a community of integrated persons abiding to the value of: “MAKA-DIYOS, MAKATAO, MAKAKALIKASAN at MAKABANSA.”

Teachers play a pivotal role in the lives of children. They need to assist every individual in attaining self-realization, determination and self-actualization through proper values/virtues and through partnership with the internal and external stakeholders.

These teachers strive to inculcate in the young the values and virtues that carry our families to nationhood. The young will soon become the leaders of tomorrow, thus, young as they are, there is a need to instill in their minds and hearts the desirable values so that when they mature, they will not depart from them.  These qualities constitute the same driving force that shall make possible the lofty dreams we all share for our beloved country.  

If the young minds are fully developed coupled with appropriate values or virtues, all these will end up to winning the future, ensuring the well-being and prosperity of the people and the country as a whole.

The curriculum pursues to encourage consistency between content and strategies, a balance of theory and practice and adherence to basic desirable values for total development of all Filipino people.

The integration of positive values and attitudes in all teaching-learning experiences among students is very crucial.  There is a need to strengthen Values Education Program among elementary and secondary schools in order to yield productive and value-laden learners. Teachers need to be empowered in order to give guidance and counseling service to the students especially to learners who are unruly or who have problems on behavior.  Teachers could not teach well their subjects if the students lack the needed values that will shape them as better individuals.

Likewise, parents have great roles to display that help mold or shape the character of their children. They are the partners of the school in educating the children.  They play a very vital role in the learners’ total development.

Therefore, in these critical years in the life of the children or the youth, proper guidance would come in to be of great help to determine the problems of the learners, their causes, and possible solutions. The behavioral crises in the schools today adversely affect the nation’s most precious resources, the youth who should be developed to the fullest. The youth are the human resources considered as important assets of the nation. They need to be guided in their early years. Concepts to awaken their awareness and the consequences that are brought by the advancement of technology and by this challenging world should be given to them. Each of them should be provided with proper guidance to understand himself as a unique individual that is growing and developing in response to this fast changing world. This is attained through the cooperative efforts of parents, teachers and other stakeholders with God’s intervention for we believe that it is a concerted or cooperative efforts of the community to educate or build a child. Proper education and guidance are necessary to be provided to each individual in order for him to live a worthy, upright, useful and happy life according to his nature and to adjust himself adequately to this fast-changing world.

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