Wednesday, April 13, 2016

CapEx turns festive on its return

By Jennifer T. Pambid

Unlike the typical conduct of Manang Imee’s Capitol Express (CapEx) wherein people just queue up for the services they want to avail, its comeback this year featured an innovative way in bringing the frontline services of the provincial government.

To beat the dull and warm atmosphere, the program fosters a festive mood through dancing and singing.

Ilocos Norte Governor Maria Imelda “Imee” R. Marcos joins some capitol staff and residents in the merriment while others line up for the services such as medical and dental as well as consultations regarding livelihood, employment, scholarships and legal matters.

The return CapEx on February 21 in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte also featured a new service called ‘pulong-pulong’ or community meetings and consultation.

Through this, the staff are able to talk to different sectors such as farmers’ associations, women organizations and youth groups regarding their concerns and requests. These then will be forwarded to the governor which will be given proper action.

One of the highlights of the merriment is the conduct of the distinct Ilocano birthday celebration as tribute to the senior citizens.

Led by Ms. Marcos, the February celebrants are serenaded with ‘Padapadakam’ [traditional Ilocano birthday song wishing good luck] and given ‘balangat’ [flower crowns]. They were also to treated various street foods and simple cakes.

Tony Acio, a 68-year old resident of Brgy. Ngabangab in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte, said he appreciates Ms. Marcos for giving value and concern to senior citizens like him.

“No words can describe how happy I am that Governor Imee Marcos herself crowned me during the simple celebration. I will never forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he said in Ilocano language.

Leonila Udaundo, a 61-year old resident of Brgy. Estancia in the same town, revealed that it was her first time to be crowned and serenaded.

“This is my very first time to be crowned and serenaded during my birthday. I really felt that Governor Marcos recognizes our worth, whatever social status we belong to,” she shared.

Cap Ex was launched in July 2013 in Banna, Ilocos Norte which aims to bring the services of the provincial government to the far-flung areas in the province wherein access to the capitol is a major problem.

The program is in line with the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte’s commitment to inclusive and sustainable growth by prioritizing the welfare of the people at the grassroots.


Ilocos Norte Governor Imee R. Marcos joins some capitol staff and residents in the merriment during the conduct of Manang Imee's Capitol Express. She also leads in the singing of 'Padapadakam' (traditional Ilocano birthday song) and crowning of the senior citizen birthday celebrants. (Alaric Yanos)

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