Sunday, February 14, 2016

DOST scholar—hallmark goal-getter

By Ginee R. Tacasa

“It’s fine to lament on certain misfortune in our life but bear in mind that it is just temporary, make it as your motivation to improve yourself.”  The DOST RA 7687 graduate scholar and now civil engineer, Michael C. Nacario ponders and takes this quote into his heart and mind.

Mr. Nacario is one of the 3,935 out of 9,482 examinees who passed the Civil Engineer Licensure Examination given by the Board of Civil Engineering on November 2015.

In order to pass the Civil Engineer Licensure Examination, he didn’t waste time.  He constantly reviewed and pushed forward to that ultimate dream. According to him, there were a lot of pressures but he didn’t allow them to go through him.

His life has never been easy as he was an orphan at the age of 11.  This did not hinder him to dream a better life, instead he used this as his strength to face the difficulties in his life and a challenge to become at his best someday.

His hardships and dedication in schooling landed him as salutatorian in his elementary and secondary level.  He decided to enroll his college learning in one of the best universities in Region I, the Mariano Marcos State University in Batac City where he proved his brilliance.

He showed talents and skills in journalism too, shown in his various recognitions to different writing competitions. He placed second in Opinion Writing and champion in Sports Writing to the 2014 Regional Higher Education Press Con (RHEPC) and champion, Sports Writing 2015 RHEPC. These experiences honed him to be a top journalist in the university and led him to be involved in official publication of the university, “SIRMATA”.  He started as news editor, then later on as associate editor and finally as the editor-in-chief.

Mr. Nacario reflected, “There will always be someone out there willing to help, just reach for it,” he said.

So when that opportunity knocked to become a DOST scholar he never doubted to give it a shot. He luckily passed the DOST scholarship examination.  The DOST Scholarship sustained his education for five years until he finished in 2015. Thus, he has been very thankful for DOST scholarship program which assisted those less fortunate ones like him.

Mr. Nacario said that, “To be a DOST scholar is not a right but is an acquired privilege which needs to be thanked and cared for. The program is a gift to every scholar and that they should be grateful for this. Keep dreaming high and make it happen as this will lift you up into your glorifying moment”.

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