Thursday, November 20, 2014

Joint installation of new officers and directors of Annak ti Sinait iti Hawaii and the Sinait Nat’l High School Alumni Association of Hawaii

A JOINT installation of the new officers and directors of the Annak Ti Sinait Iti Hawaii and the Sinait National High School Alumni Association of Hawaii was held at the Waimalu Chop Suey Waimalu, Hawaii on November 8, 2014.

The Reverend Doctor Alex Vergara, Oahu, Filipino Community Council [OFCC] president officiated the oath taking. Rev. Vergara also served as the guest speaker.

For the Annak ti Sinait Iti Hawaii the following officers for 2014-2016 are: President – Augusto S. Concepcion 1st Vice president – Romulo G. Basuel 2nd vice president - Davelyn A. Quijano Secretary - Dolly Willing Treasurer - Herminia I. Gaspar Auditor – Estrella P. Taong, PhD. Sgt at arms – William Gaspar, Rogelio Idica, Ador Quijano Immediate past president- Antonio I. Ipalari Directors: Leonila Degala, Angelita Idica, Esther Cabacungan, Ophelia Basuel, Paul Taong Advisers: Estrella P. Taong, PhD. Amado I. Yoro.

For the Sinait National High School Alumni Association of Hawaii New officers and directors for 2014-2016 are President - Davelyn A. Quijano 1st vice president – Herminia I. Gaspar 2nd vice president – Romulo G. Basuel Secretary – Dolly Willing Treasurer - Angelita Idica Auditor – Ophelia Basuel PRO – Estrella P. Taong, PhD. Directors: Leonila Degala, Rogelio Idica, Augusto S. Concepcion, William Gaspar, Ador Quijano. Advisers: Estrella P. Taong, PhD., Amado I. Yoro.

Significant Activities and Involvement of Annak Ti Sinait Iti Hawaii and the Sinait National High School Alumni Association of Hawaii include but no limited in their participation in the various projects and undertakings. They are consistent participants and played an active role to 1. Ilocos Surian Association of Hawaii Projects like the ISAH Medical Mission, Mrs. ISAH Program, the Green Revolution Project, President Elpidio Quirino Leadership and Humanitarian Award 2. OFCC Convention and Reaffirmation Miss Oahu Filipina Scholarship, Walk for Fun and many others 3. UFCH Convention and Reaffirmation/Progress Award 4. UFCH/OFCC Special Projects: Feeding the Homeless, Adopt a Hwy/Park, Hawaii Food Bank, 5. Other activities: US Census 2010, MOTTEP, others 6. Awarded as Top 10 Unit Organizations 7. April-May 2014 Medical Mission to Sinait and Construction of a Sto Cristo Milagroso Marker in Dadalaquiten Norte----parcel a land was generously donated by the Iloreta Family 8. Walk For Fun OFCC/AARP 9. Sinait Fit and Health Walk 10. Typhoon Hiayan Victim Fundraising Drive and other victims of Natural Disasters and Calamities 11. Donated ti FilComCenter Fundraisings 12. Scholarship in Hawaii and the Philippines 13. Ilocos Surian Medical Mission 14. Sinaitenians International Medical Mission 15. Donated computers, LCD Projector and Screen for the Sinait High School Student 16. Contributed to the construction of the Business Education and Information System Building in Sinait High School 17. Others  

The event was attended by leaders and representative of various organizations:  Pacita Saludes, Annak Ti Kailokuan Iti America, Helen Grace Go, Candonians; Josefina Takemoto, Gumil Hawaii/AKA; Salvador Obaldo, Gumil Hawaii/AKA;   Genaro Bimbo and Delia Bimbo, Universal Travel, Theresa Aleta, UFCH Board Of Governor [note Ms Aleta is one of the major sponsors for the Sto Cristo Milagroso Marker], Trifona Savellano, Danny and Emmie Villaruz, Ilocos Surian, Roger and Edith Tapat, Sto Domingo Organization Hawaii Chapter.

Special Presentation was made by Amado I. Yoro, assisted by Davelyn Quijano, Gus Concepcion, Danny Villaruz and Alex Vergara.

Posthumous Award for Late Manuel Cabacungan, Co-organizer/founding member given to Mrs. Esther Cabacungan; Dr. Estrella Pada Taong, first president, SNHSAAAH, and past president ATSIH; Antonio Ipalari, the longest serving president for 10 years

Special recognition to Mr. Basilo Iloreta was afforded to the family as they had donated the parcel of land where the Marker for the Sto Cristo Milagroso was constructed in Barangay Dadalaquiten Norte, Sinait, Ilocos Sur with the initiative of this writer and the support of members, supporters and donors.

Both Rev. Alex Vergara and Danny Villaruz recognized SNHSAAH and ATSIH are the most ACTIVE ORGANIZATIONS IN OAHU in terms of projects and activities. SNHSAAH was organized on July 16, 1995 and the ATSIH was organized on December 13, 1997.

Both organizations are affiliated with the Oahu Filipino Community Council and the United Filipino Council of Hawaii.

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